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About me

I’ve been a graphic designer, brand specialist, creative director and studio head over more than 25 years – and I still love what I do. That enthusiasm comes from my training, taught by Royal College of Art tutors, and my experience of working with great creative people and exciting clients, from Marks & Spencer to Heinz, the Royal Opera House to Number 10. It’s also based on some unshakable principles. Such as dedication and loyalty to those I work with and the clients

 I represent. A passion for producing good work, whatever the discipline. And a belief in the power of good ideas to achieve lasting results. You can see some of those ideas in my portfolio.  http://www.kveeeone.com/portfolio

My work covers the full spectrum, from branding to packaging, direct mail to digital. Over the last decade, I’ve also become a leader, heading up creative teams in both the private and public sectors. My most recent role was as Director of a large multidisciplinary Creative team of designers, editors and proofreaders producing content for government departments, from brand creative to major public information campaigns, both online and offline. If you’d like to find out more, or see more of my work, please get in touch  http://www.kveeeone.com/get-in-touch/

In order to be at my best, the focus is always on Dedication and loyalty to all I work with and to those I represent.
I have Enthusiasm and passion for all design and the work I produce. Success is always my goal, from the smallest task to the most complicated. Independent by nature, I am a clear thinker and encourage a can-do attitude. I believe Great ideas never die and good ones live for a long time (there is no other substitute). Never ever give up the quest to be the best (would be my last thought). With all that in mind, I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I have.

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