Brewsters & Brewers Fayre menu designs
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Brewsters & Brewers Fayre

About This Project

Brewsters was a chain of licensed family-oriented restaurants owned by Whitbread. They offered a traditional menu with an emphasis on entertaining children. Also, Brewers Fayre is a UK chain of licensed family pub restaurants owned by Whitbread. Nearly all Brewers Fayres are sited with a Whitbread Premier Inn hotel. Their brand values are expressed through their main menu, which offers quality food and customer satisfaction. The following example show a menu design aimed at customer who preferred the traditional Sunday roast type meals


This Project was not only to design the Brewsters menu but also to preserve  the integrity of the brand, which was value for money and good quality food. The client wanted to achieve clear focus on the food and navigation, whilst maintaining the Brewsters brand character.


Design and art direction: Keith Vernège